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I was born into a very talented family – singers, dancers, actors, poets, musicians and artists – so many creative outlets from which to choose.  My parents lovingly offered me all the tools – like my own piano and dance lessons but with the gift of an easel and charcoal set drawing became my passion.


With music in my heart, I toured with my brother Buddy and Dad in our group, The Funtastic Family – even taking my son Jason on the road with us for a time. However, my love of art moved me to make it my profession.


My home along the Central Coast of California offers a huge canvas – the sun and sky, flowers and vineyards, the coastal range and the seaside. In addition to my many murals in the area I’ve found a niche in graphic and video design and production. I also enjoy working along side my partner of many years, Larry Vice, a very talented multi-media artist. The beautiful “sky is the limit” for us here in Paso Robles.


I still pick up the banjo, drums or guitar and jam with Larry and the family.  Our love of music and art has touched the next generation in my family. Buddy and I share the occasional stage, or just a living room couch with my son Jason and grandsons Tim and Tyler, and my niece Lionora and nephew Chad. My sister, Bonnie and the whole family join us in song on many special occasions.


Participating in the arts in any form has always brought me happiness. Being creative is good for the soul – no matter what your age. Find your passion, take an art or dance class, or learn to play an instrument. My dad and uncle learned the banjo at age 65 and Dad rediscovered his harmonica at 98! So, you're never too old to learn new things – that’s a fact!


Dad, who lived a happy life to the age of 101, used to tell us – a happy mind makes a healthy body so do what you love to do and stay happy!






Currently, I've enjoyed working in a variety of venues, from computer graphics, animation and editing for the film industry, to painting indoor/outdoor murals.



Bud Mercer


Vanita (Wade) Mercer


Buddy Mercer


Sister, Bonnie Mugford- Bonnie's passion is her family -

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