MEDIA: acrylics on canvas, wood, and some 3D objects.

Having a camera handy to capture a moment in time, a sunset, sunrise, or wildlife, whatever the subject, helps save all details for reference when creating a "photo" real or "surreal" painting.


Whether it's the illusion of an ocean view through a window, or walking into a room under the ocean, there's no limits with imagination. "Brain storming" with clients on what they have in mind along with sketches with color sampling insures a detailed visual to work from for the final mural.



MEDIA: Adobe Creative Cloud software.

Creations include anywhere from illustrations of medical procedures for film production to designing a book cover or business card logo.

Save a tree or two, go digital.

Video Post Production and animation

MEDIA: Adobe Premiere Pro, AE, and Encore in Creative Cloud Suite.

Working under the wings of two of the best educational film production companies in the San Luis Obispo County,

Davidson Films, Inc. and Crosstown Productions,

for over a decade has enriched and broadened my artistic abilities to animate illustrations as well as edit the full post production. Other productions include musical videos for songwriters/musicians/artists.


Rick Clampitt, artist, singer/songwriter

Song: Centurian Man

Book cover

designed for author, Laura Emerson.


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